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Sunday, 18 February 2018

You Go (Carbon) Coco

Firstly, is anybody actually able to use the word "coco" in a sentence without thinking of the "you go Glen Coco" scene in Mean Girls?  I'm betting that I'm not the only one... Surely.

Anyway, today's little blog post brings you a review of a product I was VERY kindly sent by the team at Carbon Coco a few weeks ago.  So pretty much everyone and their gran has heard about one of the latest crazes on social media that is "activated charcoal" teeth whitening.  You'll have seen the pictures online of people brushing their teeth and their mouth looking like they've just swallowed a pint of tar, and like a lot of people, I was pretty intrigued but probably a little reluctant to actually try it out... Will it work?  HOW does it work?  What's in it?  Do I really want to make a mess of my bathroom sink?

When I received an email from the CC guys, I did some initial research into their products and thought now was the perfect opportunity to give the good ol' charcoal stuff a shot and see what all the fuss was about.

Carbon Coco are an Australian company that provides all-natural alternatives to oral care and teeth whitening, and here's a little more information taken directly from their website: Their activated charcoal is "made from 100% certified organic coconut shell charcoal" and "not only brightens your smile, but also improves your overall mouth health.  Our medical grade activated charcoal powder removes toxins, stains, and plaque from your teeth through a process called adsorption, in which activated charcoal binds with these particles and flushes them out of your teeth and mouth.  The super finely milled polish won’t damage your enamel or gums and also contains bentonite clay, a natural ingredient that helps remineralise teeth plus a hint of lemon myrtle, which has gentle and non-acidic antibacterial properties."

So what's the verdict?

For best results, you're advised to use the activated charcoal powder, followed by the charcoal toothpaste, daily for 7-14 days.  Although results will most likely be different from person to person, I have only used the products four times so far and I've definitely noticed a difference in the whiteness of my teeth.  In fact, I actually noticed a difference after the very first use.

It's super easy to use - brush your teeth with the powder for three minutes, spit out and rinse, and follow with the toothpaste for another three minutes.  The powder feels quite grainy on your teeth to begin with, but as you're brushing, it feels like you're giving your teeth a good exfoliate and your mouth definitely feels squeaky clean afterwards.

Here's a couple of before and after shots:

I've had my teeth laser whitened before and I have to say, I don't ever want to do it again.  Although I had amazingly white teeth afterwards, the whiteness didn't last as long as promised and my teeth have definitely felt more sensitive since having the procedure done.

As the Carbon Coco charcoal powder and polish are so easy to use without the yucky tingly feeling, and given that I can already see a difference after such a short period of time, the Carbon Coco products are definitely ones that I'll continue to use; Perhaps not every day, but a few times a week.

If you're looking for a natural and safe way to brighten your teeth, then I'd definitely recommend that you give Carbon Coco a try.  To make things better, delivery is FREE worldwide and they have a promo code in February for 20% off.  Go figure.

If you make an order, let me know what you think!

(Oh and also, if you're going out and planning to wear your brightest red lippy, brush your teeth with these babies beforehand for some extra ooomph in your smile!)



Sunday, 14 January 2018

What I Want to Achieve in 2018

Well, we’re half way through January 2018 already(!) and, now that it’s finally dawned on me that we’re into a new year (anyone still writing the date as 2017? Yep, me too), I’ve decided that now is as good a time as any to set some personal goals.

It’s taken me a heart-breaking number of years to accept that I’m not a teenager anymore (I was a bit of Peter Pan who wanted to stay in Neverland forever), but now that I’ve left that sink in, I find myself growing as a person with each year that passes and things that didn’t matter to me before now do, and things that were significant to me in the past, are no longer.  My perspective of what is and isn’t important in life have changed and as a result, I find it helps me stay focussed and channel my energy into things that matter to me.

The first thing I’ve done this year is think about what I really want to achieve.  I haven't set New Year resolutions for the last couple of years, mainly due to the fact that they were always broken by 4th January and quite frankly, I was setting “goals” just for the sake of it.  I didn’t ACTUALLY know what I wanted to achieve, so in reality, I’d failed before I’d even begun.

So, what's on the agenda for 2018?

Being more positive – This is something that I think about quite a lot, and although I’ve taken steps in the last few months which have definitely helped me lead a more positive life, there is still room for improvement.  Like every human being on the planet, I have my down days.  I have days where all I want to do is lock myself in my flat, feel sorry for myself and not talk to anyone.  I have my moments when I feel like my issues are everyone else's fault.  I have times where I feel unattractive and like I'm not good enough.

As part of being more positive, I’m learning to become more open minded.  I’ve always been quite an opinionated person and before, no amount of debating or persuasion would change my mind.  I believed what I believed and there was no changing that.  Now, I’ve come to learn that everything happens for a reason – People say things or act in particular ways, usually as a result of something they’re dealing with in their own personal life.  I’ve learnt to take a step back and, rather than make rational assumptions about a person, I’ve considered that they might just be having an off day.  And that’s ok, because we all have them.  Being forgiving, letting go and not getting hung up on small things that don't actually matter will, I promise, be a weight lifted off your shoulders.

As cliche as it may sound, positive thinking really has the ability to completely change your outlook on life.  All you need to do is find what makes you feel those "positive" and motivating vibes, and remember them each time you feel like you're having a crappy day.  Think positive, act positively and become the best version of you.
Look after myself more - This includes a lot of things for me, so it's quite a general goal to have, but it's something I know I should do and don't currently make much time for.  Like a lot of people I know all the things I should be doing, so why amn't I doing it;  Lack of time?  Lack of money?  Lack of motivation?  Probably all of the above, but I'm adamant this will change this year.

I want to make more of an effort on things that will make me happier and healthier, both physically and mentally - I want to visit family and friends more, because the feeling you have when you're surrounded by love and laughter is like no other feeling in the world.  I want to look after my body and skin better, because when I do, I always feel amazing and I'm a firm believer that if you feel good on the inside, you look good on the outside.  I want to eat better and drink more water, and I want to take more "me time" and learn how to switch off from a busy day at work.

The most frustrating thing is, some of these things are so easy to achieve with just a small adjustment to everyday life.  I know that it's all about balance, so it's time for me to beat the bullshit and just get.things.done.

Spend less time on social media - Well this is perhaps a bit of a strange one, given that I'm a blogger who is trying to increase my blog following.  So, what I think I mean is, I want to spend less time obsessing over unattainable bodies and unrealistic lifestyles on Instagram and instead, focus on being influenced by the more positive messages that social media has to offer.

I personally feel that social media has got out of control over the last few years.  A lot of it is photoshopped/perfectly contoured/digitally enhanced "perfection", all in the name of getting a few more likes and followers.  But it's not.  Sadly, much of it is fake, unhealthy and it can be totally damaging to individuals who can't decipher what's real and what's not.

Although I feel like I have a pretty firm grip on reality, it's sometimes difficult not to compare yourself to others online, so I've made a conscious effort to unfollow any accounts that I feel portray a negative image and instead, will continue to follow those who make me happy, inspire me, and make me feel better as a person.

Well, if you've read this far in what feels like an essay rather than a blog post and I've not bored you to death, I'd love to hear any thoughts/comments/feedback you might have.  Do any of my goals resonate with you?  What do you want to achieve and how do you intend to do it?  Feel free to comment below!

Rachel x
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